Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Transformation Stories

The only thing “extreme” about Farrell's in Elk River is the transformations our members go through. They find progress in all areas: Getting to a healthy weight. Relief from stress. Even a life fewer medications. Now it’s your chance!

Let our members motivate and impress you! And see the winners of our $1,000 Challenge and our National Challenge.

David winning the $1,000 10 Week Challenge
Elk River, MN
“You can do amazing things as an individual, but when you're in a group you can't help but give even more.”
Deb with her daughter after participating in Farrell's
Woodbury, MN
“After seeing my commitment and transformation over my first 10 weeks, my husband joined Farrell's, as well.”
Katie B.
Peoria, IL
“I had to remember my goal that day at Farrell's. I was there for a reason, that reason was to get my life back and thats just what I did.”
Mark after Farrell's
Shoreview, MN
“When I hear 'you can do it', I know that I can. Bring on those challenges! The structure of the program keeps me interested and motivated.”
Derek C.
Derek C., Rochester, MN
“I've made a lot of new amazing friends that wouldn't be in my life today if I didn't take the plunge into Farrell's.”
Andy C.
Andy C., Mankato, MN
“Every day, every class, Farrell's drives me to go beyond what I think my limits are.”
Alex E.
Alex E., North Loop, MN
“I often found myself close to tears thinking back on where I started and how fortunate I was for having committed to my health. I thought about the people I met along the way and how their kind words, inspiration and support moved and motivated me.”
**Each person is different, so results will vary. Any testimonials or results shown or stated reflect what that specific person was able to achieve using our program. If you follow all of the Farrells 10-Week program and there is no improvement in any of your fitness evaluations that are conducted by us upon completion of your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.
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